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Sheryl Freer

10 Woodmans Chase

East Goscote



0116 264 0432

Groby Tae Kwon-Do Club

Did you know?

When students pass their black belt grading, it is the instructor's honour and priviledge to tie the black belts around their waists for the very first time!

Our roots

Groby Tae Kwon-Do has been run successfully for over seven years by their instructor Sheryl Freer.

A photograph of some of Sheryl Freer's students from the early years. In that time, she has seen the club grow from its humble roots at Fitness First with three students to the present day, at Brookvale High School, where the club now has over thirty students. The age range of the students at the club varies from 8 through to the 50s!

Black belt gradings

In October 2012, Sheryl had four students who successfully went for their 1st and 2nd dan black belt grading in front of five 8th dan black belt examiners.

As well as preparing for her 5th degree black belt, Sheryl is also busily preparing her two students who are due to take their 3rd degree black belt gradings in April 2012.

A photograph of some of the juniors of Groby Tae Kwon-Do

Mixture of grades and abilities

The members of Groby Tae Kwon-Do are mixture of grades and abilities, and comprises twelve 1st degree black belts and above, and around twenty five coloured belts (from white belt through to red belt black tag).

The club's training sessions are split into three sessions: beginners' session, middle session and senior session.

Beginners start at white belt and train together at the beginners' sessions, yellow tags through to blue tag attend the middle session whilst blue belt and above attend the senior session.

Social events

Groby Tae Kwon-Do is not just all about Tae Kwon-Do. We have regular social events throughout the year where all members and their families are invited. Keep an eye out on the club's newsletter for up and coming events.